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INTRO TO STRETCHING: One of the most neglected components of exercise, stretching prevents injuries and feels good. Due to time constraints, we often neglect our stretching and only concern ourselves with getting our scheduled mileage completed. [more]

CALF STRETCHES: In walking, especially when utilizing the techniques I will explain, your calf muscles are used considerably more than in other sports. Therefore, I have included four different calf stretches. Each works a slightly different area of the calf. Therefore, if you have the time, do them all; it is not overkill to do all of them. The first is a common stretch, so you may already be familiar with it. [more]

SHIN STRETCHES: Most people stretch their calves, but completely neglect the opposite muscles in the shin. In walking, we use our shins much more than in other activities. When you walk, you land on your heel and point your toe, therefore it is very important to stretch your shins. This can help prevent shin-splints from occurring. [more]

HAMSTRING STRETCHES: There are literally an endless number of ways to stretch the hamstring. I will present three in this issue and a few more in the next. If you have one that you are comfortable with, you may choose to continue to use that stretch. [more]

QUADRICEPS STRETCHES: It is important to stretch the quadriceps. [more]

BACK OF THE KNEE: Sometimes the back of the knee will get a little sore from walking. To stretch this area, modify the previous hamstring stretch so that when you stretch you don't just touch your toes, but pull your toes towards your body. If you can't reach your toes, use a towel to extend your grasp. [more

HIPS: When race walking, the hips are used extensively. Therefore, stretching this area is very important. [more]

SHOULDERS: In race walking, one uses one's arms much more than in traditional walking or running. By keeping the shoulders stretched and relaxed, one is much more comfortable. [more]

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