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The first stretch is probably the most common of the calf stretches. Many runners use this stretch to loosen up their calves.

Place both hands, at shoulder height, on a wall in front of your body. Keep your arms fairly straight, and one leg a little bent under your body. Now with your toe pointed to the ground, place the other leg about 1 & 1/2 to 2 feet behind your body. (figure 2a)

While keeping your rear leg fairly straight, and without moving its position, place the heel of your rear foot on the ground. (figure 2b) You should feel a stretch in the calf muscle. If not, try to move your rear leg back a little further. Throughout the stretch, keep your upper body vertical; make sure you do not bend forward.

If your calves are extremely flexible, this stretch may not help. This stretch only stretches the calves a little bit. Therefore, I will discuss two other stretches that I find more effective.

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