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The following is a compilation of the best walking links on the net. If you would like to add a link to this page please email the web master listed at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you are looking for a walking club in your area, visit the Club Contacts page for additional links.

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  • Australian Federation of Race Walking Clubs
    The Australian Federation of Race Walking Clubs was formed in the 1960's and is a Federation of all the major Race Walking Clubs of the States and Territories of Australia. It has a current membership of 12 clubs with a total membership of some 500+ racewalkers.

  • Dave McGovern's World Class Race Walking Page (aka racewalking.org)
    Your one source for Dave's World Class Racewalk Clinic information, Dave's race walking ramblings, elite athlete photos, links to other great racewalk sites and more! Check out Dave's compendium of articles on all sorts of race walking topics!

  • English Racewalking Association
    The official site of the English Racewalking Association

  • EroFit
    An organization promoting race walking and fitness.

  • IAAF
    The International Ametuer Athletic Federation's Race Walking Home Page.

  • North American Racewalking Foundation
    The North American Racewalking Foundation (NARF) is a national/international service organization that provides instructional and networking information. The Foundation's web site has beginning instruction, Racewalk 101 with Icabod, along with four calculators for age grading, calculating track and road distances and times. It's index, contains information on many aspects of racewalking from starting clubs to judging to books and videos. The Foundation is located in Pasadena, CA. E-mail address: narwf@aol.com

  • North American Racewalking Institute
    The North American Racewalking Institute (NARI) is a non profit corporation and is related to the North American Racewalking Foundation. The Institute is focused on raising money to support the athlete training program at the ARCO Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, and on supporting high school programs such as Tom Eastler's in Maine. All donations to the Institute are tax deductible, and a regular accounting is made to all donors along with current news. The Institute is located in Pasadena, CA . E-Mail address: narwf@aol.com

  • Racewalking International, Inc. (RWI)
    Racewalking International (RWI) is primed and ready to enhance race walking through development of youth programs, and provide a professional coaching center for intermediate and senior level walkers. RWI sponsored a walking symposium at the Sydney Olympics and will present its second international symposium at the World Championships (2001) in Edmonton. Youth camps, seminars and special walking programs are scheduled throughout the year.

  • South Americans Veterans Athletes
    South American activities. Health sport. Records. Calendar activities. Training.Links. ASUDAVE. CAVRA.

  • US Track & Field Website
    Check out the USTAF homepage. Racewalk.com is the official racewalking page for USATF.


  • Big AOL Racewalking Link List
    Links from around the world.

  • Curt Sheller's Page
    A plethora of walking information that is updated frequently.

  • Race Walking Record Magazine
    After 60 years in print, Race Walking Record ("The voice of British race walking") is now available in electronic form, via a new web site. Each month, Race Walking Record includes:
      Reports of major races.
      Inspirational interviews with top race walkers.
      Fitness and training advice from leading coaches.
      News of interest to the race walking community.
      Full reports of the latest British races and thorough coverage of major oversees and international events.
      Listings of forthcoming races.
      ...plus many quality pictures of race walkers in action.

  • SportsInjury.com.au
    An excellent source of information about sports injuries. (No specific section on racewalking yet, but we're working on them...)

  • The Mining Company Walking Pages
    More than just race walking, this site contains walking info for all kinds of walkers.

  • The Walking Connection
    The Walking Connection is an alliance of people worldwide who love to walk, hike and travel. Based in the Valley of The Sun in Arizona, we provide walkers of all fitness levels and interests with information, products, services and activities locally and globally.

  • The Web Walker
    Dedicated to the unique information requirements of the Masters Race Walker.

  • Ultramarathon and Ultrawalking
    Website dedicated to Ultramarathon and Ultrawalking, with an Ultra Ranking open to all ultrarunners and racewalkers.

  • UltraOz
    A website dedicated to utra-walking and ultra-running.

  • U.S. Race Walking Results
    A site providing a comprehensive list of race results in the U.S. and by U.S. race walkers competing outside the U.S.fs

  • Walkertown USA
    Club listings, results, etc. A plethora of information!

  • Walking.About.com
    Excellent, very complete, source of walking information.
    Check out the list of walking friendly marathons.

  • WalkWays Productions
    WalkWays Productions looks to make your walking activities better, easier, and more enjoyable by supplying you with information about proper walking technique, training, and competitive opportunities.
    Based in the New England area.

  • World Track and Field Web Site
    Track and Field News Resource

  • Yahoo! Group - marathonwalkers
    This is a support group for anyone interested in marathon walking. We will share information, advice and support. For all experience levels - whether you are planning your first marathon or your 50th.

  • Yahoo! Group: Texas Racewalking
    Discussion group for walkers in Texas interested in racewalking for fitness and fun. This is a support group to meet other people, find out about local races, etc. All levels welcome.

  • Yahoo! Racewalking Group
    Racewalking technique, events, results, standing, and discussion. Sign up to receive daily summaries of email discussions.


  • Denis Langlois website
    Denis LANGLOIS is the best walker in France, on 20 Km and 50 Km Walk. He's the 8th at 50 Km W Road World list (as 24th June). Visit the racewalker website with his results, his trainings, pictures...

  • Dominique Guebey's racewalking pages
    A contribution to racewalking on the net : information, training, links and numerous photos

  • Kjersti Plätzer's web site
    The official web site of the Norwegian Race Walker who won an Olympic Silver Medal in Sydney 2000. Site is in English

  • Nathan Deakes
    Read about Nathan Deakes, a top Australian race walker.

  • Tim Seaman
    Find out information about Tim's athletic career and how to become one of Tim's sponsors. You will also find a calendar of Tim's upcoming competitions. Stay informed and visit www.TimSeaman.com


  • Healthwalk to Fitness
    The most complete book on walking for fitness ever! Learn from coach to Olympians Jake Jacobson (the Father of Healthwalking). Learn basic race walking techniques as well.

  • Jonathan S. McElvery, Photographer
    Great shots of the 2001 USATF 1 & 2 Hour Champs

  • RunnersGear.com
    Offering an extensive variety of products to enhance your walking/running experience. All first time visitors receive 20% off their first purchase.

  • SnowPack Cold Therapy
    SnowPack Cold Therapy Relieve Pain. Reduce Swelling. SnowPack stays cold 5 times longer than ordinary cold packs. For faster, frequent treatment during the first critical days after an injury - and for the long run. Non-toxic, dye free, and biodegradable. Discover why SnowPack is the closest thing to true “icing”.

  • Treadmill Reviews and Ratings
    Treadmill reviews, treadmill ratings, treadmill buying guide and more.

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