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What you wear obviously depends greatly on what season it is.

In the summer time, you may wear running shorts and a tank top. Almost anything is acceptable. If it is a hot day, follow common sense and wear light colors. For those sunny days, adding a hat, UV-protected sun-glasses and sweat-proof sunscreen is also not a bad idea.

In the winter time, bundle up with many thin layers. You may wear a cotton shirt under a polypropylene shirt, and then add a Gortex running suit. This keeps out the moisture and allows your body to breathe. You will feel a little cool the first few minutes, but as you warm up, this usually provides enough warmth. For really cold days, you may add another thin sweatshirt. Wearing a single layer of heavy garments will not keep you as warm. Also wearing rubber slickers or other non-breathable material will cause you to sweat profusely, even in the cold.

You may wear cotton/acrylic blend white ankle socks when you walk. They tend to be more comfortable. Some people who have problems with blisters, may wish to invest in more expensive socks that help to reduce blisters. Thorlo is one brand that has such a product.

One additional note; some people have a problem with chafing. By applying a little Vaseline to the areas that afflict you, you can avoid many uncomfortable hours.

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